Limassol police arrest 27 youth for lighting bonfires

April 23, 2019 at 10:20am

Limassol police arrested 27 youths on Monday for lighting bonfires, using firecrackers and juvenile delinquency charges.

Police said that on Monday afternoon, as part of an ongoing police operation against the use of firecrackers and juvenile delinquency, a police patrol found a bonfire outside Ayios Savvas church in Limassol. There they arrested 17 youths aged between 15-20.

Later around 10 pm, they arrested seven people in an open space in Limassol who were found near a bonfire. Four of them were minors.

And at around 1:25 am, acting on a tip off police found another group of young people near a bonfire and arrested three.

All 27 were charged in writing with lighting a fire without permission as well as vagrancy and will appear in court at a later stage.