Limassol: Municipality to investigate cycle lane bungle (photos)

October 14, 2019 at 9:56am
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Bicycle ‘lanes’ in Limassol that climb up and down pavements have prompted ridicule online and anger at the municipality.

Mayor Nicos Nicolaides is reported to be ‘furious’ and has ordered an investigation into the project.

The project to create the cycle lanes in a neighbourhood south of Franklin Roosevelt was assigned by the municipality to a private contractor.

Photos posted on line showing ‘lanes’ painted in red on and off pavements have generated considerable humour.

But Limassol Municipality is not amused.

In a written statement it said that it had noticed “serious errors in the construction work of cycle lanes in a neighbourhood south of Franklin Roosevelt Avenue”

It said that the work had been awarded by tender to a private contractor after “all legal procedures” had been adhered to.

“The work is still underway, it has still not been completed and handed over the municipality and therefore should not be used by cyclists,” it said.

And it concluded: “Limassol Municipality will take the necessary action so that the construction errors are corrected before the cycle lane is given for use and at the same time it is investigating the conditions under which they were made so that if there are responsibilities these will be apportioned”.