Limassol: Man robbed, forced to go to ATM to withdraw more cash

March 1, 2019 at 9:24am
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A 44 year old Russian was robbed by a Russian-speaking masked man holding a knife who took money from his Limassol home and then forced him to go to the ATM to withdraw even more, philenews reported on Friday.

It said that the man, who is a permanent resident, had reported to police that on responding to the doorbell at his Germasoyia apartment, he had opened the door to an unknown man who was carrying a knife and had his face covered entered.

Speaking in Russian, the man threatened him with a knife and demanded money. The 44 year old gave him $1000 but the robber asked for more and forced the victim into his car and drove to an ATM where he withdrew another $650. The suspect then disappeared.