Limassol: Man caught driving 18 times over alcohol limit

April 29, 2019 at 7:54am
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A 46 year old man was arrested after he was caught driving 18 times over the limit and without insurance in Limassol on Sunday night.

Police said the 46 year old was driving on Panayioti Siekeri street in Limasssol when he veered right, colliding with a car driven by an 18 year old.

There were no injuries, but both cars sustained minor damage.

Traffic police who went to scene administered a breathalyser.

The 46 year old tested 170μg% instead of  9μg% which is the legal limit. They also found the car was not insured, did not have an MOT and had been declared as immobilised.

A second breathalyser test gave a result of 114μg%. The 46 year old was arrested.