Limassol: drunk driver arrested after car hits nine year old girl on pavement

September 20, 2019 at 10:59am
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A 56 year old driver is under arrest after he reversed onto a pavement, hitting a nine year old girl who luckily was spared serious injury.

Police said the incident was indicative of the lack of a proper road safety culture in Cyprus that results in so many serious and fatal collisions.

“This was unfortunately confirmed once again yesterday afternoon when a nine year old girl came under immediate danger because of the irresponsible behaviour of a driver,” police said.

According to the police announcement, at around 6 pm on Thursday a 56 year old man reversed on to the pavement and hit and injured the little girl. She was taken by ambulance to Limassol Hospital where she was given first aid and discharged.

The 56 year old underwent an initial alco-test with a reading of 105 mg% — nearly five times the 22 mg% legal limit.

He refused to undergo a final test and was arrested, police added.