Limassol: 34 year old woman caught driving six times over legal limit

September 16, 2019 at 7:33am
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A 34 year old woman who collided into two parked vehicles on two different roads was arrested in Limassol on Sunday evening after police found she was driving six times over the limit.

Police were notified of a traffic collision at around 7.20 pm on Gladstone street in Limassol. They said that the 34 year old had collided into the back of a parked car and abandoned the scene. She then collided into a van on Jelal Bayiar street and again attempted to abandon the scene but her car came to a stop nearby.

The woman underwent an alco-test with a final reading of 142 mg ℅. The legal limit is 22 mg ℅. She was arrested as Limassol police investigate.