Lifeguards rescue three people in Limassol; two of them flee

August 14, 2018 at 12:35pm
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Lifeguards in the Limassol district on Monday afternoon rescued a 49 year old Romanian woman and two non-Cypriots who fled as soon as they were safely back on land.

The Limassol Lifeguards association said the Romanian woman had suffered an epileptic fit as she was swimming at Governors Beach. She was brought to land, given first aid, and taken by ambulance to Limassol Hospital.

The second incident occurred at the Olympion beach opposite the GSO. A 30 year old non-Cypriot got into trouble while swimming and a second non-Cypriot tried to help him, but he too struggled to stay above water.

Both were brought safely back to shore where they immediately fled.

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