Legal hunters sad over dismantling of police unit combating poaching

November 11, 2019 at 6:14pm
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The United Cyprus Hunters Association is deeply saddened over the recent decision taken at Police Headquarters to dismantle the special unit combating illegal hunting.

“This unit was the only one that seriously acted against illegal hunting and protected the thousands of law-abiding hunters from poachers and other criminal elements,” said an Association statement on Monday.

“What scares us even more is the fact that this decision was taken despite recent huge successes by the special unit’s members who have reported seasoned poachers,” it added.

The Association also said rumours going around for some time had well-known poachers boasting of pressure they managed to put on political figures and high-ranking officials so as to have the unit dismantled.

“Unfortunately, these sad rumours have been confirmed and poachers now will carry on doing what they do undisturbed, at the expense of legal hunters,” the Association also said.


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