Update: Traveller arrested in Paphos Airport after jumping over fence

July 4, 2018 at 9:42am
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A Ukrainian who jumped over the fence in an apparent attempt to make it to the airplane at Paphos Airport early on Tuesday morning  is under arrest.

The man had gone to Paphos airport with his wife and two children in order to travel to Kracow.  He left the family at the airport to park the car and then headed for the airport on foot. But by the time he had reached the departure lounge, boarding had been completed and the gate had closed. He tried to convince officials to let him board and when his efforts failed he tried to get to the airplane by jumping over the fence.

He was immediately arrested. Police are investigating a case of entry into a restricted area by a non-authorised person. He told police that since he had a boarding pass, he thought there would be no problem if he made it to the aircraft on his own.