Larnaca wants action to stop public from pestering birds at salt lake

December 14, 2018 at 11:00am
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Larnaca Municipality and the town’s Tourism Promotion Company say they are frustrated over authorities’ failure to take effective action to stop members of the public from pestering migratory birds at the salt lake.

In a a written statement, they said that despite repeated appeals and meetings with the Environment Service, nothing has been done to protect this unique wetland.

Cases of  Cypriots and tourists trying to approach the flamingos, despite warning signs not to do so, have become more common, they added.

“The constant disturbance of the birds can lead to their moving elsewhere or to a drop in their population,” they said.

The salt lake is not only of great environmental importance but one of the town’s biggest attractions and must be protected, the statement said.

Repeated appeals to the public have gone unheeded, they said as they urged the Environment Service to act.