Larnaca: Two arrested for burglary after trying to sell jewellery

December 6, 2019 at 7:42am
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Two men aged 30 and 33 are under arrest as Larnaca police investigate a case of illegal possession of property, burglaries and theft.

They were arrested at a Larnaca gold shop on THursday afternoon where they had gone to sell jewellery for which they could not give adequate explanation.

Police also found in the possession of the 30 year old three credit cards which had been stolen from premises in the Nicosia district. In his car they found a small drill and clothes,

The items were taken into evidence and the two arrested. During questioning, the 30 year old allegedly admitted to a burglary in Nicosia and ten burglaries in the Larnaca district.

Both were spotted by Nicosia CID officers who were in the area as part of an investigation into a burglary of a Nicosia district jewellery shop.