Larnaca installing underground bins to combat smell, eye pollution

July 16, 2019 at 12:06pm
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Larnaca Municipality has started work on building underground recycling bins near the coast to eliminate eye pollution and fight the smell, especially during the summer.

In an announcement, the municipality said the programme is being implemented in cooperation with the Environment Service of the Agriculture Ministry.

It said that a total of 64 bins will be placed at 16 spots in the coastal area– Mackenzie, Finikoudes and Mitsopoulos Avenue.

Work has started in the Mackenzie area with the municipality saying that special arrangements that take into consideration the safety of visitors and vehicles have been made not to create a nuisance.

Installation of the bins will eliminate the existing green wheelie bins and also tackle the bad smell which is particularly acute in the summer, the municipality said.

“It will also increase the quantity of recyclable material which will be collected from coastal establishments and hotels through the sorting of solid waste at source,” it added.