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Ioanna Kotziapashi

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Jewelry designer Ioanna Kotziapashi reveals her favourite sports for coffee, drinks and food in Cyprus.

-Where do you usually enjoy your morning coffee?

-At Cito Gourmet Express. For the environment, impeccable service and exquisite, fragrant coffee. One of the best in the city.

-Where can you find the best souvlaki?

-At Kyriacos’ in Aglantzia.

-Where do you find authentic meze dishes?

-At Zanettos’ tavern in Nicosia.

-Favorite shop in your neighborhood?

-Turquoise Shop because we can always find collectible and intelligent clothes and accessories.

-Could you reveal a well-hidden city gem?

-The Nasty Cat café, which is a boutique, workshop, cafe and cocktail bar. The best thing about is that customers close to each other and become one company until they leave.

-A restaurant that holds a special place in your heart? A recommended dish?

-Skinny Fox, where I usually order the Beef Carpaccio or the Seabass.

-Which is your favorite kind of cuisine and where you can enjoy it in Cyprus?

-The fusion cuisine of Epsilon at Limassol Marina.

-Where could you find the best cocktails?

– At Lost & Found. As one of the best bars in the world, its bartenders make the best cocktails in the island.

-Where do you usually find delightful sweets?

-At Giagia Victoria.

-Which place do you remember fondly?

-My mother’s village, Kyperounda, for the family excursions we had there while growing up.

You can find Ioanna’s jewelry at Promitheos 14B street in Nicosia.


Zanettos, Trikoupi 65, Nicosia

Giagia Victoria, Liperti 80-82, Nicosia

Cito Gourmet Express, Themistokli Dervi 48

Souvlakia Kyriacos, Griva Digeni 48, Aglantzia

Turquoise Shop, Promitheos 14B

Skinny Fox, Menandrou 14

Epsilon, Limassol Marina

Nasty Cat Café, Digeni Akrita 64