Hotter weather on the way as temps approach 40 C

July 2, 2018 at 3:04pm
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Hotter temperatures are on the way, with the thermometer set to rise to 39 degrees inland on Tuesday, the met office said on Monday.

A further ‘small rise’ is expected on Wednesday,  remaining unchanged until Friday.

Monday’s maximum temperatures were  forecast at 37  inland, 34 on the east coast,  31 on the remaining coasts and 27 in the mountains. This evening the weather will be clear, with light fog and low cloud possible in the early hours of Tuesday. Temperatures will be 21 inland, in the west and north shores and around 22 on the remaining shores and around 16 in the mountains.

Tuesday will be mainly fine. Temperatures will rise to 39 inland, 31 on the west coast, 34 on remaining coasts and 30 in the mountains.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the weather will be mainly clear with local light fog and low cloud possible early on Wednesday. Temperatures are expected to record a small increase on Wednesday and remain unchanged after that.