Higher than average temperatures continue, dust in the atmosphere today and tomorrow

May 16, 2019 at 7:33am
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A warm air mass will continue to affect the area until Saturday.

Thursday will be mainly fine with increased higher cloud at intervals in the morning, the met office said adding that there will light dust in the atmosphere.

Temperatures will be 37 C inland, around 33 C on the south and east coasts, around 31 C on the north coast, 28 C on the west coast and 27 C in the mountains.

Tonight will be fine. Temperatures will be drop to 18 C inland and on the south and east coasts and around 16 C on remaining coasts and in the mountains.

Friday will be mainly fine with light dust in the atmosphere.

Saturday and Sunday will be mainly fine, and the fine dust is expected to clear on Saturday.

Temperatures will remain at about the same levels on Friday, edging down on Saturday to remain a little above average for the time of year, remaining at the same levels on Sunday.

Average temperatures inland for this time of year are about 30 C.