Update: Arrest after harpoon-wielding thief robs Liopetri bakery

August 24, 2018 at 6:35pm
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A 20 year old man from Liopetri was arrested around 2 pm on Friday in connection with a robbery at a Liopetri bakery.

The bakery was robbed around 4 am on Friday by a hooded man who threatened the employee with a harpoon.

Police said the man had opened the cash register and taken a small pouch before fleeing.

Following his arrest, the man handed over 75 euro which he said was in the pouch.

Earlier on Friday police said they were looking for a man of  slight build and 1.65 metres tall who was wearing jeans, a black long sleeve T shirt and gloves.

He is expected to appear before court on Saturday to be remanded in custody.