Germany calls upon Turkey to avoid escalation and refrain from illegal drillings

July 18, 2019 at 8:07am
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Germany on Wednesday called upon Turkey to avoid escalation and refrain from illegal drilling off Cyprus.

German Foreign Ministry’s deputy spokesman Christofer Burger told the press in Berlin that “we have repeatedly stressed that we are monitoring developments in the Eastern Mediterranean with great concern, in particular, the Turkish announcements for drillings southeast of the Cypriot peninsula of Karpasia. The European Council has already condemned the continuous illegal practice of Turkey in its conclusions of 20 June. And the High Representative of the EU has already pointed out in early July the possible repercussions of the Turkish practice. In this sense, it comes as no surprise that the Council on Monday decided on a series of measures”.

He noted that “we call upon Turkey to avoid escalation and refrain from illegal drillings. We call for a solution of conflicts through dialogue and respect of international law”.

Burger went on saying that “for us, hope that progress in the efforts to solve the Cyprus problem would have a positive impact on the controversial matter of natural resources exploitation is linked to respect of the international law. This is our position and we will continue making it clear to Turkey as well”.

Asked whether the EU intents to take stricter measures in case Turkey continuous its illegal drillings the German Foreign Ministry`s deputy spokesman said that “we just decided on these measures. Now these measures are being implemented. On this basis we will continue making our position clear against Turkey”.

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