Four arrests after Limassol police seize 2 kilos of cannabis

August 29, 2018 at 7:47am
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Limassol police are investigating a case of conspiracy to commit a crime and drug trafficking after seizing two kilos of cannabis and arresting four.

Around 7 pm on Tuesday,  the drug squad stopped a 33 year old in an open area in Limassol minutes after he was spotted placing a plastic bag on the ground. In it there were two nylon bags with 2.17 kilos of cannabis. The man was arrested.

As part of the investigations, testimony emerged against three others aged 23, 34 and 39 who were arrested and their homes and cars searched.

Police found 7.5 grams of cannabis in the house of the 39 year old, half a gram in the car of the 34 year old and a precision scales in the house and €16,900 in the car of the 23 year old.

Police investigations continue.