Flu cases stabilise, but ministry says still on alert

February 19, 2019 at 1:07pm
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The surge in new flu cases has abated, but state health authorities remain on alert as this year’s virus is more aggressive, Maria Koliou, the coordinator of the Health Ministry’s infectious diseases unit told the Cyprus News Agency on Tuesday.

Nine people have died from complications as a result of flu so far this winter, a higher number than other years, she added.

But she said that there is no reason for panic. No new serious cases have been admitted and the vast majority of the thousands of people who catch the flu, recover at home with rest,  liquids and anti-pyretics. “Only a very small number end up in hospital,” she said.

But she said that from the moment that there are already serious flu cases in hospital, there was a possibility there could be more, although flu cases have abated compared to three weeks ago.

She spoke a day after the ministry announced the ninth death from flu so far this winter. “Flu cases have abated compared to three weeks ago. We have no new serious cases but that does not mean the risk is not there,” she said.

Since December 1, 53 flu cases have been hospitalised so far and nine people have died.