Fire near the Pattichion Municipal Theater of Larnaca under full control

April 26, 2018 at 9:28am
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The fire that broke out at dawn in an area along the Nature Path, behind the Pattichion Municipal Theater of Larnaca is now under full control. A fire brigade spokesman said the fire broke out around five in the morning, along the Nature Trail, which is very close to Aliki in Larnaca and behind the Pattichio Municipal Theater.

Five firefighting vehicles from the Larnaca and Oroklini Fire Stations, one from the Department of Forests, a tanker and excavators from the Larnaca Municipality, were rushed to the scene. With the arrival of the Firefighters, there were several fires in the area 4-5 indicating that the fire was maliciously set.

Since the fire, acacias and various species of the habitat were burned. The fire did not threaten houses of the residential area along the Nature Trail, in front of which there is a petrol station.