Fine weather, high temperatures ahead of weekend, Green Monday

March 9, 2019 at 10:27am
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The Met office is expecting fine weather and above average temperatures ahead of the carnival weekend and Green Monday, meteorological officer Mathaios Papadakis said.

According to Papadakis, during the three days, temperatures are expected to reach up to 23 C, which is around 4 C higher than the average  18 C-19 C for the time of year.

Saturday will be mainly fine, with some cloud cover at intervals. Temperatures will be 22 C inland, 20 C on the coasts and 15 C in the mountains.

On Saturday night temperatures will drop to 8 C inland, 10 C on the coasts and 4 C in the mountains.

The weather on Sunday and Monday will also be mainly fine, with some cloud cover at intervals.

According to Papadakis, there will be no dust or strong winds during the weekend.

At the time of issue of the early morning weather bulletin there was 41 cm of snow on Troodos Square.