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Facebook and Instagram hit by global outages

November 20, 2018 at 4:03pm

Facebook and Instagram have been hit by major global outages, with users reporting that the sites’ home page showed a “service unavailable” message.

Outages were reported on Tuesday afternoon in Britain and continental Europe, and on Tuesday morning in North America. On downdetector.com, a site where users can report website outages, reports flowed in from as far as away Ethiopia, Australia, and the Philippines.

According to the first information, the problem started to appear around 2 pm, with 48% of users experiencing a “blackout” in the service, 35% log-in problems, while others are unable to send messages or upload pictures and videos.

On Monday, Facebook’s Messenger app crashed around the world.

The company has yet to give an explanation for the the outage.

Users looking for answers headed to Twitter, where the #facebookdown hashtag rapidly started trending.