Employees warn of action over proposed hotel bill

October 18, 2018 at 2:36pm
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Hotel employees members of SEK and PEO trade unions are threatening action unless they are consulted before a vote on a draft bill on the operation of hotels.

In a joint announcement, they said neither the state nor the House Commerce and Tourism Committee had briefed the trade union movement on the proposed changes which affect the work of thousands of hotel employees.

Among other, the proposed bill give hoteliers the right to lease or contract out sections of  hotels to third parties. This, they said, meant that thousands of employees will face an uncertain future at the whim of every hotelier.

They said they had written to the House Commerce and Tourism Committee chairman asking for the bill to be postponed so that they can submit their views.

They have also voiced concern about the risk of mass dismissals and the creation of conditions which harm the tourist produce.