€3m amphitheatre as Ayia Napa eyes cultural capital of Europe title in 2030

July 26, 2018 at 4:15pm
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Ayia Napa is to build a 2500 seat amphitheatre at a cost of €3m as it prepares to contest the title of Capital Culture of Europe for 2030.

Mayor Yiannis Karousos said that the building permit will be issued in the next few months and tenders launched  for the amphitheatre. It said that the holiday resort was making a systematic effort to improve its brand name and this included attracting special interest tourism. The amphitheatre and the cultural events it will host is expected to attract an additional 30,000 tourists a year, generating €20m for the economy.

The amphitheatre will be built on a hill north of Ayia Napa, with views to the resort and sea. It will cost about €3m, have 2500 seats and be able to host all types of events, from operas, international concerts and plays, he told the Cyprus News Agency.  It will be open daily, for visitors to admire the views, he added.

Ayia Napa municipality was seeking to boost cultural events as it prepares to contest the title of Cultural of Capital of Europe in 2030, when it will once more be Cyprus’ turn.

The municipality has also written to the government asking it include the amphitheatre in the state budget, he said.