Dust, local showers and snowfall in the forecast

February 24, 2019 at 10:36am
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Weak low pressure and dust in the atmosphere will be affecting the area from Monday, with local showers, isolated thunderstorms and snow on the highest peaks completing the weather menu for the next four days.

On Sunday scattered clouds are expected to bring local showers and or thunderstorms with the possibility of snowfall on the highest Troodos peaks.  Temperatures will be 19 C inland and on the coast and 8 C on the mountains. In the evening the weather will be mostly fine with scattered clouds.

On Monday the weather will be partly cloudy and cloudy at intervals with some local showers. Dust will appear in the atmosphere and temperatures will slightly edge up to above average for this time of the year, mainly on the west coast and in the mountains.

On Tuesday the weather will be partly cloudy with local rains and isolated thunderstorms. Snowfall is expected on Troodos. The dust is expected to clear and temperatures will slightly drop.

On Wednesday interval of clouds or heavy clouds will bring local showers and isolated thunderstorms. Snowfall is expected on Troodos while during the evening snow may fall in lower mountain areas.

At the time of issue of morning weather bulletin, there was 56 cm of snow on Troodos Square.

Because of snowfall, the Platres-Troodos, Karvounas-Troodos and Prodromos-Troodos roads are open only to four wheel drive cars and those equipped with snow chains.