Dog watches washing machine while favourite stuffed bear being washed (video)

November 28, 2018 at 2:59pm

A dog named Habs, recently went through a traumatic experience as he was briefly separated from his favourite toy.

Habs’ owner, Jacqueline Estey decided to wash his favourite stuffed bear.

Throughout the bear’s soapy ordeal, Habs never left his side.

“Habs has always been inseparable from the bear. He likes to bring the bear all around the house,” Estey told The Dodo.

“I have never seen him do that for anything in the wash, other than his bear,” Estey said. “It was hilarious when I realized he was sitting there for the whole entire cycle and wasn’t moving for anything!”

Thankfully for Habs, the wash ended soon and he was reunited with his bear. However, Habs seemed to have been reliving the traumatising experience.