Dog death trial: Defendant called ambulance immediately on finding fatally injured woman

February 22, 2019 at 1:26pm
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The defendant in a manslaughter trial immediately alerted police on discovering the fatally injured Petrouna Milkova in his fields in Geroskipou in February last year, the Paphos Criminal Court heard on Friday.

The 27 year old has pleaded not guilty to the charge of manslaughter and causing death by negligence. He has also pleaded not guilty to  failing to taking the necessary precautions with an animal that could cause injury or death but has pleaded guilty to owning dogs without a dog licence.

Milkova, 46, died of injuries believed to have been caused by two dogs  belonging to the defendant. The injuries were initially attributed to an agricultural accident. But later post-mortems– a total of five were held on the victim– determined that she had died from dog bites. Police believed that she was attacked by two Rottweilers.

On Friday, the court heard the accepted facts of the case agreed between the prosecution and defence. The court heard that the defendant called an ambulance within four minutes of finding the Bulgarian woman in his field. She was taken to Paphos Hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.

The trial continues on Tuesday when the first witnesses for the prosecution are expected to testify.

The woman had come to Cyprus with her husband and was looking for a job in Geroskipou. She lived in the agricultural area, near where the defendant has his home and car repair workshop.

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