DISY MEP Annita Demetriou to attend the PIPA project in Paris

April 6, 2018 at 1:38pm
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DISY MEP Annita Demetriou has been selected by the French government to attend the PIPA project (Promoting the Implementation of the Paris Agreement) in Paris, from 8 until 15 of April.

The PIPA project seeks to increase the ambitions for low emission targets and poverty reduction in the implementation of the Paris Agreement from 2015.

For effective advocacy to be achieved, the project focuses on influencing the process of adjusting the national determined contributions (NDCs) and works at both national and regional levels.

From March to May 2018, an external evaluation is planned to assess the impacts of the PIPA project. The main emphasis of the evaluation will be on evaluating the approach of national and regional cooperation on joint advocacy applied in the PIPA project.