Cyprus sees 33% annual rise in plastic money in 2018

January 14, 2019 at 12:49pm
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Credit card use in Cyprus  jumped an annual 33% in 2018 to total €3.5b according to figures released by credit card clearing firm JCC.

Use of Cyprus credit cards abroad rose 10% to €1.75b for all of 2018 while foreign card use in Cyprus was up an annual 20% to €1.1b.

As regards use of cards by Greek Cypriots in the Turkish occupied north, this rose from €9.5m in 2017 to €15m in 2018.

Use of Turkish Cypriot cards in the government controlled areas was down as the Turkish lira lost value against the euro. It fell from €25.9m in 2017 to €17.6m in 2018.