Cyprus named cheapest destination for British visitors for petrol and car hire

June 22, 2019 at 11:52am
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Cyprus has emerged as the cheapest destination for both petrol and car hire for British holidaymakers this summer, the Daily Mail reports citing Post Office Travel Money.

The Post Office annual Motoring on the Continent Report looked at the price of unleaded, diesel and renting a car, including insurance that reduces excess charges to zero, at 20 destinations across Europe.

Norway came out as the most expensive for both diesel and unleaded while Ireland was named as the priciest for car hire.

It found the price of unleaded petrol in Cyprus is 98p per litre, an 11.7 per cent drop on last year’s pump price.

Five other countries – Luxembourg (£1.09), Austria (£1.10), Belgium (£1.32), Greece (£1.43) and Italy (£1.50) – also registered year-on-year falls of between one and five pence per litre despite the recent drop in sterling’s value.

With the exception of Sweden (£1.38, +15 per cent), Croatia (£1.32, +12.8 per cent), Germany (£1.43, +7.5 per cent) and Slovenia (£1.21, +7.1 per cent), prices in the other countries surveyed were either on par with 2018 or rises were no greater than 2.4 per cent (£1.28, Switzerland).

Diesel motorists, meanwhile, will get a sub-£1 litre in both Luxembourg (96p) and Andorra (97p).

Prices are down 4p a litre at the pumps in Luxembourg (-4 per cent) but the biggest price falls of 5p are in Austria (£1.02, -4.7 per cent) and Cyprus (£1.06, -4.5 per cent).

As regards car hire Larnaca came up cheapest of 12 car rental destinations at £369. Next were Brussels on £394.32, Vienna £452.59 and Berlin £458.88, The Sun reported