Cyprus has highest share of cars running on petrol in EU (table)

October 24, 2019 at 8:58am
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Cyprus had the largest share of cars running on petrol rather than diesel or alternative fuels according to figures published by Eurostat on Thursday.

These show that in 2017, in 13 out of 24 Member States for which data are available, over half the cars ran on petrol. This share was largest in Cyprus (84%) ahead of Finland (74%) and Denmark (69%).

Diesel-driven cars exceeded the 50% threshold in France (68%), Lithuania (67%), Luxembourg (62%), Belgium (58%), Spain and Austria (both 57%), Latvia and Portugal (both 56%) as well as in Ireland (53%).

The use of alternative fuels, such as electricity, natural gas, biofuels and others, was highest in Poland (15%), Lithuania (9%), Italy and Latvia (both 8%).

More specifically, the 2017 figures for Cyprus show a total of 526,617 cars of which 442623 were running on petrol,  83,505 on diesel and 489 on alternative energy.



Note: The category ‘alternative fuels’ may be overestimated in some countries due to the lack of accurate data sources.