Cyprus has 3rd best seawater quality in EU, Eurostat study found

December 11, 2018 at 12:59pm

Seawater quality in bathing sites in Cyprus is the third best in the EU, a Eurostat study found.

According to the study, 97.35% of seawater in Cypriot bathing sites is classified as “excellent.”

Bathing sites in Slovenia have the best water quality in the EU with 100%, while Malta is in second place with 98.85%. Greece was fourth with 95.99%. All four countries are significantly above the EU average of 86.31%.

Sweden was the country with worst seawater quality in the EU with 41.8%.

Seawater quality getting worse

Despite being ranked third, seawater quality in Cyprus is getting worse. Between 2012-2014, all Cypriot bathing sites (100%) had excellent water quality, while in 2015 and 2016 the percentage was at 99.10% and 99.12%, respectively.

In 2011, the water quality of Cypriot bathing sites was at 99.11%, while those of Slovenia was at 95.24%. Nevertheless, Slovenians have managed to improve their seawater quality in just one year and since 2012, 100% of Slovenian bathing sites are classified as excellent.

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