Cyprus among EU countries who spend less on healthcare

November 29, 2018 at 4:05pm
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Cyprus is among the EU countries which spend less on healthcare in 2016, according to Eurostat figures.

Specifically, with 6.9%, Cyprus was ranked 22nd among the EU 28 in healthcare expenditure as a percentage of GDP.

The highest figure recorded in 2016 was in France (11.5 %), followed by Germany (11.1 %) and Sweden (10.9 %). The three EU countries with the lowest shares of GDP were Romania (5.0 %), Luxembourg and Latvia (both 6.2 %).

In 2016, a Cypriot citizen spent around €1,600 on health care.

Health care expenditure per inhabitant was higher in Luxembourg (€5,600), Sweden (€5,100) and Denmark (€5,000). The three countries with the lowest health care expenditure per head in 2016 were Romania (€400), Bulgaria (€600) and Poland (€700).

The data source is here.

Note: Health care expenditure per inhabitant has been rounded to the nearest hundred euros.

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