Cyprus Aeronautical Exercise in parallel with the Turkish one (map)

April 3, 2018 at 10:24am
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The Republic of Cyprus will be conducting today an aeronautical exercise south of Cyprus from morning till noon, just 20 kilometers away from the area where Turkey will illegally carry out a naval exercise.   

More specifically, Cyprus issued a Navtex for an area of 120km long and 130km wide from the coast of Limassol to the east, almost up to half the block 3 of the Cyprus EEZ.  Furthermore, Cyprus filed a NOTAM for a sea area of 400 square kilometers off the coast Limassol for aviation exercises.

The area illegally “bounded by” to conduct naval exercises is located southwest, in a zone of 100 kilometers long and 65km wide, within blocks 7 and part of block 8 of the Cyprus EEZ. According to the illegal Turkish Navtex, the exercise will be conducted today and will last three hours, from noon to afternoon.