Cypriots top EU citizens in use of internet for telephone or video calls

January 27, 2020 at 11:07am
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Cypriots use the Internet for telephone or video calls more than the average EU citizen according to figures released by Eurostat on Monday.

Overall, in 2019 86% of people in Cyprus aged 16-74 reported that they had used the internet during the previous three months — marginally below the EU28 average of 87%. This share ranged from 98% in Sweden to 68% in Bulgaria.

Internet use has grown rapidly over the years – in 2007 it stood at 57% and in 2013 at 75% for the EU28. In Cyprus it was 38% in 2007 and 65% in 2013.

The internet was used mainly to send/receive e-mails (75%), to find information about goods and services (68%), for instant messaging (67%) and online news (63%).

A majority of people also used the internet to use banking facilities (58%), to participate in social networks (57%), to look for health information (55%), for listening to music (53%) and telephoning or video calls (52%).

Eurostat’s figures show that Cypriots had the highest share as regards telephone or video calls at 72% compared to the EU28 average of 52%.


The source dataset is available here and here.

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