Court throws out attempt to have 82 year old woman ruled legally incompetent

August 1, 2019 at 3:05pm
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A court has rejected a bid by  family members to have an 82 year old woman ruled legally incompetent after a psychiatrist said he hoped everyone could be as lucid as her at that age, philenews reports.

The site said that the woman’ daughters and a son in law applied for a court order that would have prevented her from selling her assets and authorised them to collect €1,000 a month from her account to cover her costs until the main application was heard.

They then had her examined by psychiatrists in order to secure a court order to have her declared legally incompetent and committed to Athalassa psychiatric hospital.

However, after three days of tests psychiatrists determined there was nothing wrong with her.

The court rejected the testimony of the first psychiatrist who had not examined the 82 year old woman but had submitted a report, while the second psychiatrist who played a role in her being sent to the psychiatric ward for three days refused to testify, philenews said.
The court rejected the testimony of the son in law and daughters saying they were serving ulterior motive. It ruled that the whole case was an attempt to resolve property differences in the family.