Couple accuses alleged loan shark for attacking and injuring them

March 23, 2019 at 12:35pm
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A couple from Limassol accuses a 35-year-old man for attacking and injuring them when all three met up on Friday to sort out their financial differences. The suspect has not yet been located by the police.

In their statement the couple admitted to the police that one year ago they had borrowed the sum of €3,500 from the 35-year-old and since then they had paid him €24,000, but according to their statement, he was still asking for €40,000.

Last Friday all three met up at a public place in Limassol to sort things out. The couple told the alleged loan shark that they cannot give him any more money. Then, they claim, he physically attacked them and threw furniture at them resulting in their injury.

The couple proceeded to report the 35-year-old to the police who are searching for him.