Consumer association survey: Christmas meal for four costs €73

December 19, 2018 at 5:28pm
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An ‘economical’ Christmas meal will cost  €73 for a four member family and €97 for a six member family, according to a Cyprus Consumer Association survey.

It said that a ‘richer’ feast would cost  €118 and  €175.

The association said that it had carried out a market survey between December 3 and 18.  The survey was based on prices at the four biggest supermarkets in Nicosia, two smaller supermarkets and a neighbourhood grocery store in the period December 3 to 7, December 10 to 14 and December 17 and 18.

The survey was carried out only in Nicosia and covered 35 items of food and drink. The aim was to calculate the cost of a Christmas meal and not to compare prices at different points of sale. Moreover, the survey started early in order to determine whether prices rise as Christmas day approaches.

The ‘economical’ meal included only one type of each item — for example one type of bread, one brand of wine etc. The ‘rich’ meal included all the items on the survey’s list.

The total estimated cost takes into consideration the quantities needed for a four member and a six member family, plus 5% for  items needed for  a meal such as water, olive oil, napkins, lemons and salt.

The basic conclusions were:

1. The total cost for an ‘economical’ meal for a four member family is estimated at  €73 and for a six member family at €97.

2. The total cost for a ‘richer’ meal for a four member family is estimated at  €118 and for a six member family at €175.

3. No increase was observed in the items surveyed over the period December 3 and 18.

4. A number of the items in the survey were on special offer that started in early December and continued till the conclusion of the survey period and were therefore included.

5. There is no significant change in the cost from surveys of 2015, 2016 and 2017.

6. The only prices that may change until Christmas are those of vegetables. The price of fruit is not expected to change significantly.

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