Central Bank announces sale of euro coins with mint year 2018

August 27, 2018 at 9:54am
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The Central Bank of Cyprus  has announced the sale of Cyprus euro coins with mint year 2018.

The mintage for the denominations of €0,02, €0,10, €0,20, €0,50 and €1 is limited to 100,000 pieces per denomination. For the denominations of €0,01, €0,05 and €2 the mintage is 18.100.000, 14.100.000 and 7.100.000 pieces, respectively.

Five thousand pieces per denomination have already been used by the CBC in the preparation of an equal number of coin sets.

The coins are in uncirculated condition and will be offered only in rolls. They will be priced at nominal value plus handling (5% on nominal value), dispatch and insurance charges as well as VAT (where applicable).

Sales will commence on September 17.