Car importers says Cyprus turning into warehouse for old, polluting cars

January 11, 2019 at 12:22pm
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Cyprus is at risk of turning into a warehouse for old, polluting cars following a sharp rise in second hand car imports in the run-up to tougher legislation on car emissions, the Motor Vehicles Importers Association said on Friday.

It said the issue had become particularly acute after a bill was sent to parliament proposing steeper road tax for cars with higher emissions — but to apply only to vehicles registered after its approval.

“There has been a sharp increase in the import of second hand cars, most of which are old and highly polluting before the adoption  of the bill,” the association — which represents importers of new cars, said in an announcement.

As a result, Cyprus risks becoming a warehouse of old, polluting cars other countries are getting rid off. It is also at risk of huge EU fines for car emissions as from 2020, it added.

There is a a danger that the majority of cars on the roads are old, with all the negative repercussions this will have on safety and the environment, the association said.

It voiced support for the government bill saying Cyprus deserves to have an up to date and safe fleet of cars, making the best of constant technological and environmental specifications which aim to protect public health.

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