Cabinet decides to update crisis management plans for natural disasters

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Cabinet on Tuesday decided to set up a ministerial committee to prevent and tackle forest fires, as it ordered a review and update of all its crisis management plans.

Deputy government spokesman Klelia Vasiliou said that following a proposal by the Interior Minister as regards volunteers, President Nicos Anastasiades suggested the update of all plans to prevent and deal with fires and other natural threats.

It was agreed that a ministerial committee  made up of the ministers of justice, agriculture, interior and defence, will present a proposal to contract an expert to prepare a single crisis management strategy, update existing plans of action and identify any gaps.

“Despite all the steps taken in the past two years after the destructive fire at Solia, we are not complacent. Despite the very good results we have had from our services the past two years, we must become even better. The study will show how we can have the most effective use of available resources and means,  in the best interest of our country,” she said.