Cabinet approves arrangements to overcome GHS registration obstacles

June 5, 2019 at 12:16pm
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Cabinet has approved temporary arrangements to overcome obstacles that have prevented various groups of beneficiaries from signing up for the general health scheme (GHS).

The obstacles, which have been attributed to technical problems, have led to a spate of complaints.

The new arrangements aim to offer a temporary solution until the technical problems have been overcome by the Health Insurance Organisation.

According to an official announcement, the affected groups are: Holders of a health card who do have Cypriot citizenship; Greek army personnel serving with Eldyk; and third country nationals who come to Cyprus to work and who have not yet secured a residence permit.

  • a large number of elderly citizens have a health card and a Cypriot ID but not Cypriot citizenship, and cannot register with the GHS because their ID is considered invalid by the Civil Registry and Migration department.
  • new born babies and children holders of a health card without Cypriot citizenship who were born in Cyprus to non-Cypriot parents and have a birth certificate from authorities of the Republic of Cyprus but do not have a residence permit
  • citizens, mainly Europeans who are Cyprus pensioners and have a health card but the issue of a permanent residence document is still pending

Cabinet decided that the cost of the above groups receiving health services under the GHS will be covered by the state health organisation for the period June 1 to August 31, and until they are registered with the system.

The state health organisation will also cover the health care costs of military personnel from Greece (officers, family members and soldiers) who serve with Eldyk for as long as necessary.

The cost of the health care of third country nationals who come to Cyprus to work and have secured the right to social insurance but who cannot register with the GHS because their residence permit has not yet been issued, will also be covered by the state health organisation until their residence permit is issued and the GHS IT system adapted to include them as beneficiaries.


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