Byzantine, ecclesiastical, other museums to be set up around Cyprus Archbishopric

January 9, 2020 at 4:54pm
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Archbishop Chrysostomos on Thursday announced that Byzantine, ecclesiastical, historical and national museums will be set up around the Cyprus Archbishopric, in the heart of old Nicosia.

The setting up and operation of the museums will be part of celebrations marking the country’s national anniversary, he added.

The Archbishop also said that the historic church of Saint Anthony, next to the Archbishopric, will continue to be the Metropolitan of the Holy Monastery of Apostle Barnabas with a mass taking place there on a daily basis.

He explained, however, that the historic church will first undergo further renovation and then it will increase the hours the public can visit it so that its rich cultural heritage is promoted even more.

“Our concern, always, it to protect and promote our ecclesiastical monuments, but, of course, not at the expense of the mysticism and faith prevailing in a holy place,” he also said.

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