Businessmen in the occupied north worried about corruption – survey

May 21, 2019 at 4:24pm

Businessmen in the occupied north are worried about corruption and favouritism, a survey conducted by the Friedrich Ebert foundation shows.

The survey was publicised today in Turkish Cypriot media. In total, 373 members of the business sector in the occupied north participated and were asked to express their views on corruption.

According to the results, 89% of them said that corruption and favouritism are the the biggest problems in the society. Also, 49% of them said they believe that favouritism takes place in leasing “state” land and buildings and 48% said that there is favouritism in “government” job promotions.

More than half of the participants (55%) said that “state services” and “ministries” use their power for personal or partisan reasons, 58% said that politicians are corrupt, 54% said that parties are corrupt and 46% said that “higher state officials” are corrupt.

The survey concludes by saying that corruption in the occupied north increased compared to last year and that there are no “state mechanisms” to fight it.