Business association voices concern over costlier airline tickets

October 24, 2018 at 12:39pm
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Air fares have rocketed following the closure of Cobalt, with the Cyprus- Greece Business Association saying that tickets to Greece now cost more than  €300.

“Ticket prices have not only not stabilised — as government officials had promised — but in contrast they have shot up,” the association said. Tickets from Cyprus to Greece now exceed  €300 on average, it added.

Moreover, on some days there are no available seats, creating a serious problem for passengers, the association said noting that they have received a lot of complaints from its members who are obliged to travel regularly between Cyprus and Greece.

It called on the government to seek immediate solutions to the problem.

Finally, the association suggested the government ask airlines that currently carry out flights between Cyprus and Greece to increase the frequency of their flights so as to increase availability and curb prices.

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