Three Greek Cypriots charged with poaching, other offences in British bases court

November 21, 2019 at 6:45pm
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Three Greek Cypriot men appeared before a British bases court in Dhekelia on Thursday and were charged with poaching, illegal drug possession, failure to stop at a police signal, causing an accident and dangerous driving .

The men, two of whom are aged 34 and the third is 24, were released on bail and ordered to stand trial on December 18. All three are from the free area of Famagusta and were arrested on Tuesday at Agios Nicolaos area within British base territory.

British bases police said they had spotted two cars with no registration numbers and with their drivers in the act of poaching.

As soon as the men saw the police vehicles they drove away but were chased and when police officers called them to stop, they instead sped away.

One vehicle was intercepted shortly after while the driver of the second lost control and while taking a highway exit, collided with a passing vehicle before stopping.

A search in their cars found two cannabis cigarettes, poaching weapons, ammunition and freshly killed birds.


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