Blood banks covered needs over holidays as donations hit record

January 3, 2020 at 1:14pm
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The Health Ministry said there were adequate quantities of blood at blood banks over the holidays allowing centres to meet demand for all scheduled and urgent procedures.

From Friday, December 20 to Thursday, January 2, a total of 1996 donors donated blood. The Health Ministry said there were 2403 transfusions of donated blood products in the same period.

“Once again, blood donors responded to our call and demonstrated their social sensitivity. We are proud of them,” the ministry said.

Overall, in 2019 Cyprus had 75,148 registered blood donors. There were 63,948 units of blood donated and 85,000 blood products were transfused. breaking all previous records, it added.

The ministry urged donors to continue to visit blood centres and encouraged organised blood donations to continue.