Be extra vigilant with door to door salespersons, police say

April 14, 2019 at 8:19am
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Police are urging people to be extra vigilant with salespersons who come to the door, following the theft of 250 euro from an elderly lady, on Saturday in Limassol district.

The incident happened when two persons, a man and a woman, visited the elderly lady, at her house, in Limassol district, to sell her tablecloths.

The lady gave them 50 euro for the purchase of a tablecloth and got 40 euro in change. As they were in the garden of the house, the woman asked to use the bathroom, which she did. When the two persons left, the elderly lady discovered that 250 euro went missing from her purse.

Police are asking people to get in touch with them on 1460 or the nearest police station if they see anything suspicious.