Authorities rebuff complaints over mouflon

September 26, 2018 at 12:29pm
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The mouflon population has not increased and does not create problems and damage to cultivations bordering the Paphos forest in  Troodos Mountains, state authorities have said responding to complaints lodged by 11 communities  in the area, Phileleftheros has reported.

There may have been a temporary problem as a result of the movement of the protected animal to outside their customary radius within Paphos forest in order to find food during the drought, it added.

The competent authorities said that the number of mouflon has not increased so as to justify calls from local communities for their intervention.

The 11 communities had called for compensation saying  mouflons were damaging their crops. Because the mouflon is protected and they could not take any action themeselves, they asked for state compensation.