Auditor General demands corrective measures for MP pensions

November 7, 2018 at 9:41am
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The Auditor General of the State, Odysseas Michailides, has denounced cases where MPs have legislated for themselves, thus protecting their own interests. Along with demanding corrective measures for MPs, Michailides also cited constitutional principles of equal treatment and equality, both vis-à-vis other State officials and civil servants in the public and wider public sector.

Specifically, MPs receive their pensions as of their 60th birthday, provided that they are no longer acting as an MP or act in any other office of the Republic and that their salary is paid immediately after their term in office.

MPs have excluded themselves from the extension of retirement age by issuing the relevant law in 2012 which only applies for employees of the public sector and for whom the retirement age of 65 years old is mandatory, after which their pension kicks in without any proportional reduction. In order to apply principles of equal treatment and equality, Odysseas Michailides has asked that the age at which payments of pensions kick in to be equally extended for MPs, at the age of 65.

It is worth mentioning that DISY President, Averof Neophytou, submitted a proposal for a law for MP pensions to be paid at the age of 65. However, the draft law has been left in the backlog of the Parliamentary Finance Committee.

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